About Us

A few years ago, good friends Jason Countryman and Steve Slater got together for a cup of coffee.  Conversation turned to music, as it usually did for these professional musicians, but this particular conversation was different from past ones.  In talking about jazz and writing original jazz tunes, Steve and Jason became inspired and discovered a purpose and direction on the spot.  It was clear this conversation was going to result in something.  Something neither of them had ever done before.  When the coffee was gone and words had been exchanged, they had a band name, Park St. Trio, and they had a plan - write original jazz music for people who like good melodies and songs.  Make an album.

The songs came together quickly for Goodnight, Daylight, Park St. Trio's first album.  Steve wrote 10 songs and Jason nearly matched that.  The title track, "Goodnight, Daylight," is a lullaby written for Steve's son and it seemed fitting to everyone that this would be the title of the album.  The cover art was selected by Steve as well, featuring a 1910 photograph of Park St. in Alameda, right where the idea for the band was conceived.  The historic black and white picture of Park St. was a perfect fit with the music that had a classic, old-time feel to it.  They recorded the album in Fremont CA, at Little Red Wagon Studios, and took an approach that rang true to their vision of traditional sound.  Most albums these days are recorded digitally into a computer, but Park St. Trio recorded to 1-inch tape, which meant no over-dubs, no "fixing" notes, no redo's - just real jazz music.  The mastering was then done at Headless Buddha Studios in Oakland, CA.

Park St. Trio's second album, 3 Plus 5, was created in a similar way.  Steve and Jason turned out new songs with ease, but this time the feel was a bit more modern-leaning and featured a broader range of sounds.  True to the art of jazz, they invited a number of guest musicians, five to be exact, to record with them to add excitement, depth and unpredictability to the music.  Again recorded at Little Red Wagon Studios and mastered at Headless Buddha Studios, the outcome is a catchy, quality album that establishes Park St. Trio on the Bay Area jazz scene.

Park St. Trio's music can be found on iTunes, Amazon MP3, as well as the band's favorite site, Bandcamp.com.  Park St. Trio plays all over the Bay Area and California.  Feel free to check them out on Facebook, and enjoy the music!

Email: schoolofdrums@yahoo.com